Welcome to Langara Project Management Club

Why should you join us?


PMC Langara

We promote seminars inviting professionals from a variety of industries to talk about relevant subjects in project management.


PMC Langara

At our roundtable events, we invite instructors, alumni, and students to share their experiences with project management.


PMC Langara

In your reunions inside and outside the College, we give you the opportunity to meet new people, connect, and through the company tour you can get to know companies better even before applying for a position.

Social media

PMC Langara

Through our social media accounts, we are going to share news and events related to project management and also volunteer and job opportunities.

Volunteer Opportunity

PMC Langara

We share volunteer opportunities at club events or as part of project management teams.


PMC Langara

To keep you updated, we are going to share news about best project management practices, and notify club-promoted events.

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