Surrey Mayor Candidate Website

Surrey is one of the fastest growing cities in British Columbia, with a significant number of new immigrants and young people. Conversely, the municipal council only reflect a small portion of the diversity existing in the city’s population.

With the objective of changing the current situation due to the lack of representation of minorities, the candidate decided to step up and launch a candidacy for the Mayor of Surrey. The candidate also recognized the need of reaching out to immigrants and younger generations to get their attention and engage them in community activism. This situation has created a need for a robust communication platform to support the candidate’s run for mayor office, and as a result, a public profile in a website was developed to communicate, connect, and deliver relevant information to the community. 

The project delivered a website that is fresh, modern and useful, and which fully supports the candidate communication plan. The project included the domain name registration, content and design, website development, testing, and integration with PayPal. The website contains sections such as candidate background, political platform, donate, volunteer event schedule, contact us and team. The project took 54 days to be concluded and counted with four volunteers.


We connected with some inspiring people that helped us to make all this happen.

  • Pauline Greaves | Surrey Mayor Candidate (Project’s Sponsor) 
  • Nadine Cornelius | Communication Manager 
  • Perry Skalenda | Project Management Instructor at Langara 

Thank you all! 


What we learned from this project, will last forever in our lives. We not just learned about the political process in Canada but also that we need to step up, be accountable for a better future, and we would like to invite all of you to do the same.

If you want to be part of it as well, apply to volunteer at 

PMC team: Fernanda Maximo, Luiz Di Serio, Marcus Vianna, and Tatiane Procopio 

School: Langara College 

Course: Post Degree - Business Administration and Post Degree - Marketing Management