Former Executives

Fernanda Maximo


Founder and Former President

Fernanda is the founder of PMC Langara and a project management enthusiastic with over ten years’ experience working as part of IT project teams. Her education background includes a degree in Data Processing, an MBA in Digital Marketing, PMP Certification, and Scrum Master Certification. She loves traveling, running, and technology.

summer & fall 2019

Erika Murato



Erika is a Business PDD student in search of a new adventure in Project Management. She is a dedicated professional who loves working in teams. This language-enthusiast attained a bachelor’s degree in English and Portuguese Linguistics and enjoys learning German, French, and Japanese in her free time. She’s been a teacher for over six years; she is currently a mentee of the Leaders of Tomorrow program and a future member of the LOT Advisory Committee.

Clauzi Guerini


 Partnership Director

A science and technology enthusiast. Professional with experience in medical physics in health care facilities. Developed partnerships with major universities to conduct researches to improve safety medical procedures. He has a degree in physics with specialization in radiation protection. Challenges always inspire his life. Being able to solve puzzles at work is what makes his eyes shine. Watching basketball games and swimming are his favorite hobbies, besides having quality time with his family.

Jaqueline Macedo


Web Design Director 

An easygoing Communications professional with 4 years of experience in Corporate Events & Sponsorships. By pursuing a post-degree in Marketing Management, she aims to see businesses through broad lens and explore the digital marketing world, starting with the challenge of managing PMC’s website. Outside professional environment, Jaque had adventurer days trying parachuting and abseiling, but nowadays appreciates spending time with friends, traveling and enjoying good podcasts and movies.  

Gabriela Carvallo


Marketing Director  

A full of energy person, who puts the other in the first place in everything she does. Seven years of experience as an architect, doing wayfinding and signage projects. She is also an entrepreneur, owned an online company that sold baby shoes (handmade by her) for four years. Like to solve problems logically, keep everything organized and up-to-date, and she's always willing to help others.   

Vitor Gularte


 Operations Director

Post-degree Accounting student, a mechanical engineer with experience in aircraft maintenance who decided to start a new life abroad and change his career. While in Canada has experience in leading diverse teams in various sectors, working with more than 15 different nationalities. During the last experiences developed the capacity to multitask while working in a fast-paced environment with tight deadlines, while using creative problem-solving skills to meet new demands. Fast learner and adapt quickly to new concepts and responsibilities, is ready to make Canada his new home. 

fall 2018 & spring 2019

Mark Thompson



Mark is an avid traveller who has lived and worked in 6 countries around the world and visited many more. He has a broad range of experience with a focus in tourism and is currently completing a post-degree diploma in marketing management. Mark is a former Officer Cadet in the British Army, a diving instructor & cave diver, teacher, deckhand, avid rock climber and skier who loves the outdoors and the adventure playground that Vancouver offers. 

John Scheidegger


Vice President

A wannabe citizen of the world, a libertarian, free market advocate and space exploration aficionado. John brings 5 years of experience working in the largest Brazilian consulting firm, being directly involved with planning, implementation and evaluation of Lean and Agile methodologies in the most diverse sectors of the economy. What drives him is the will to discover new things and share it with those who want to learn. His passion? Collecting stamps in his passport. 

Felipe Moreira


 Partnership Director

An entrepreneur and a derivatives trader, with an over twenty years’ experience in commodities trading and business management. Leading several sales and marketing ventures, as a savvy project leader, he’s skilled at getting the best out of people and projects they oversee. He has a Business Degree and an MBA in Capital and Derivatives Market. Reading and practicing sports are his main hobbies. Family is his true passion.

Deepak Ahlawat


Events Director


Youngest among all, Deepak worked with a Canadian client for 2 years and gained payroll experience. During his period working he handled a number of events and short term projects for his employers. Being a motorcyclist, he is always ready to explore new places. He also loves playing videogames!

Angela Furstenberger


Marketing Director

She has nine years of experience in the Tourism and Hospitality sector. Always a communication enthusiast, she is currently developing new skills in Marketing by taking a PDD in Marketing Management at Langara and exploring the world of digital marketing. She loves to travel, learn new languages, photography and is now sharing all these passions in a blog about Vancouver and life in Canada. 

Suparna Gupta


Communications Director


She is a born learner, pursuing her fourth degree, in Marketing Management from Langara College. She has done masters in Mechanical engineering with specialisation in Production. She is also a German Language graduate. She is a Polyglot with command over five languages. She has worked with Global automobile giant, Suzuki. Books are her best friends. She has been consistently winning Public speaking competitions since grade 5th. Her ambition is to make career in automobile industry.

spring & Summer 2018

Eduardo Nascimento



He has over 15 years of experience in the banking industry with extensive business-critical project portfolios. He has an MBA in Financial Management and Degree in Accounting. PMP certified since Mar. 2016, he has joined the PMC club with a goal of promoting the value of project management among Langara students. Eduardo likes to hike, backpack, play soccer and ski in his free time, he also likes to play tennis. He enjoys social time with his family and friends and his secret addiction is… video games.

Viraj Desai


Vice President


A student by day and a runner by night, his academic background includes a Bachelor's in Accounting and a Master's in Management. He is pursuing his second diploma after obtaining the first one in the field of Corporate Banking and Banking Fundamentals. Viraj is a coffee aficionado, night runner, avid swimmer, and an animal rights activist.' 

Abhishek Kaushal


Financial Coordinator

Abhishek is an Electronics and Communication Engineer, with experience in Sales. His background provides a unique blend of Technology with Old- School Sales techniques. He enjoys Non-fictional Movies and traveling.

Guido Ruiz


Events Director

Currently expanding skills in a Post-Degree Business program after fourteen years experience in private practice as a manager and a dentist. Most of the times outgoing and enthusiastic about connecting with people from different cultures. Passionate about extreme sports and a proud father.

Flora Hua


Engagement Director

Flora has over seven years of working experience in Marketing Communications in multinational companies. Her engineering education background, combining through the recent study of Business Administration in Langara make her sophisticated in various industries. In her past years, she has visited 88 cities in China and 6 countries abroad. These experiences empower her career and enrich her life.

Tatiane Procópio


Marketing Director

She has a vast experience in helping organizations to develop and improve their internal and external corporative communication, dealing with a diverse public and the press. In order to keep evolving in the communication path, she got a post-degree in digital media production as well. Photos, movies, concerts, and trips take her hours talking with a really good cup of coffee.

Leonardo Bezerra


Partnership Director

 Mechatronic engineer, a specialist in industrial administration, and PMP certified. He’s over ten years of experience in project management and business process improvement. His background provides a unique blend of theoretical and practical knowledge. Moreover, he enjoys movies, reading, and soccer. 

Ana Gonsalves


Marketing Director

Ana is a procurement professional with over ten years' experience conducting purchasing projects and participating in merging and acquisition processes. She has degree in Business Administration and MBA in Project. She is very energetic and finds her balance by practicing Yoga and cooking healthy meals.