meet our Executives

Erika Murato

PMC President - Erika Murato
Photo by Tatiane Procopio


 Erika is a Business PDD student in search of a new adventure in Project Management. She is a dedicated professional who loves working in teams. This language-enthusiast attained a bachelor’s degree in English and Portuguese Linguistics and enjoys learning German, French, and Japanese in her free time. She’s been a teacher for over six years; she is currently a mentee of the Leaders of Tomorrow program and a future member of the LOT Advisory Committee.

Eliza Sonsini

PMC Vice President - Eliza Sonsini
Photo by Tatiane Procopio

Vice President

 With a diverse educational and professional background, Eliza has been transitioning through theatre, storytelling, education, and marketing. Driving transformation in the workplace environment and helping to grow a healthy organizational culture is one of her main goals. What drives her is to encourage and empower people to always do their best in a friendly way and respecting their interests and diversity. Meditation and hanging out with friends are her favorite pursuit for joyfulness. 

Clauzi Guerini

PMC Partnership Director - Clauzi Guerini
Photo by Tatiane Procopio

Partnership Director

 A science and technology enthusiast. Professional with experience in medical physics in health care facilities. Developed partnerships with major universities to conduct researches to improve safety medical procedures. He has a degree in physics with specialization in radiation protection. Challenges always inspire his life. Being able to solve puzzles at work is what makes his eyes shine. Watching basketball games and swimming are his favorite hobbies, besides having quality time with his family. 

Marcella Ribeiro

PMC Finance Director - Marcella Ribeiro

Finance Director

Marcella is a procurement professional and is currently studying PDD in Accounting. She has just discovered her interest in finance and decided to embrace the challenge to work in the Project Management Club. She loves to meet new people and to contribute to the team's success. Running and spending time with her family and friends are her favorite hobbies. 

Marilia Costa

PMC Engagement Director - Marilia Costa
Photo by Tatiane Procopio

Engagement Director

 An education enthusiast, communications advocate, curious by nature, and problem-solver by choice. She led a 50-strong team responsible for 2,000 students in their High School senior year, and from that experience, she learned that knowledge has to be shared and applied. From her Ph.D. in Linguistics and her 15-year teaching work, she learned how to deal with Time Management, Organization, and Human Behaviour. She enjoys gardening and reading about Social Sciences and Linguistics in her free time. 

Gabriela Carvallo

PMC Gabriela Carvallo - Marketing Director
Photo by Tatiane Procopio

Marketing Director

 A full of energy person, who puts the other in the first place in everything she does. Seven years of experience as an architect, doing wayfinding and signage projects. She is also an entrepreneur, owned an online company that sold baby shoes (handmade by her) for four years. Like to solve problems logically, keep everything organized and up-to-date, and she's always willing to help others.  

Evelli Crisostomo

PMC Communications Director - Evelli Crisostomo
Photo by Tatiane Procopio

Communications Director

 Eve is a Communication professional in constant search for learning experiences. At first, she was intimidated by the idea of Project Management, but that same feeling drove her to accept the challenge. Understanding people's behavior and figuring out the best ways to convey information are true passions that she is currently developing in the PDD Marketing course. Having a lot on her plate, Eve finds her inner balance by practicing regular exercises and in meditation sessions. 

Isabella Bassani

PMC Design Director - Isabella Bassani
Photo by Tatiane Procopio

Design Director

 An architect and interior designer who believes a single smile can change lots of things. Besides the joy of transforming people's ideas into drawings, a recently found passion for teaching came along, and her willingness to be the best she can for others and herself is stronger than ever.  Also, a puppy lover, Bella's always ready to cuddle dogs on her way and share this love with those who need it. 

Jaqueline Macedo

PMC Web Design Director - Jaqueline Macedo
Photo by Tatiane Procopio

Web Design Director

 An easygoing Communications professional with 4 years of experience in Corporate Events & Sponsorships. By pursuing a post-degree in Marketing Management, she aims to see businesses through broad lens and explore the digital marketing world, starting with the challenge of managing PMC’s website. Outside professional environment, Jaque had adventurer days trying parachuting and abseiling, but nowadays appreciates spending time with friends, traveling and enjoying good podcasts and movies. 

Vítor Gularte

PMC Operations Director - Vitor Gularte

Operations Director

 Post-degree Accounting student, a mechanical engineer with experience in aircraft maintenance who decided to start a new life abroad and change his career. While in Canada has experience in leading diverse teams in various sectors, working with more than 15 different nationalities. During the last experiences developed the capacity to multitask while working in a fast-paced environment with tight deadlines, while using creative problem-solving skills to meet new demands. Fast learner and adapt quickly to new concepts and responsibilities, is ready to make Canada his new home.