About TEDx LangaraCollege

May 12th, 2019



In these times of uncertainty the world is constantly moving forwards and changing around us. We choose to look towards the future with hope and excitement. We want to hear about the next big steps set to change industry, society and the world at large. We hope that this theme will bring our community together and hopefully inspire them into building a better tomorrow. Help us make that change!

About The Event

TEDx LangaraCollege will be held on campus at Langara and will run from 10am to 6pm. During this time we expect to have 11 talks from a broad range of industries and arts along with  showings of previous TED talks. The event will be catered and we will host a meet and great networking event at the end of our program, where our Idea Seekers will be able to mingle and meet the speakers.


Room A130

A Building

Langara College

100 W 49th Ave 

Vancouver, BC

V5Y 2Z6 

Meet the speakers

Take a peak into the future, have a hint of what the next big steps will be and understand why this event will be an amazing opportunity to learn about what's to come.

Jennifer Fraser

TEDx LangaraCollege speaker Jennifer Fraser


- "The neuroscience of bullying"

Darcy McGilvery

TEDx LangaraCollege speaker Darcy McGilvery


- "How Gestalt principles predict marketing success"

Jason Madar

TEDx LangaraCollege speaker Jason Madar


- "Why should we teach our kids how to code"

Daniel Magnino

TEDx LangaraCollege speaker Daniel Magnino


- "A step towards meaningfulness"

Tara Clark

TEDx LangaraCollege speaker Tara Clark


- "A Toolkit for future thinking"

Jill Sinclair

TEDx LangaraCollege speaker Jill Sinclair


- "Uncovering your why is your next big step"

Sam Thiara

TEDx LangaraCollege speaker Sam Thiara


- "Embracing Rejection"

Joel Hansen

TEDx LangaraCollege speaker Joel Hansen


- "The qualifications of being unqualified"

Spiro Getsios

TEDx LangaraCollege speaker Spiro Getsios


- "Printing human tissue"

Rutendo Munatsirei

TEDx LangaraCollege speaker Rutendo Munatsirei


- "Ready, Set, Work! - The millennials quest for significance"

Christie Charles

TEDx LangaraCollege speaker Christie Charles


- "Unearthing our current future"

Allison MacDonald

TEDx LangaraCollege speaker Allison MacDonald


- "Practical quantum computing for tomorrow

Rules & Guidelines for Speakers

 Are you one of our amazing speakers? Check out some rules and guidelines setup by TED to ensure an extraordinary event.